By Jsl-Tv

Saturday, 29th September 2018


A running and jumping game, it evolved amongst rural and urban areas across South Africa. If played in its original form and recreational purposes it is treated as a team sport and teams can consist of two players or more. The last person to jump in a team is known as the “Stretcher” i.e. he or she will stretch the jumped distance so as to eliminate players from the opposing team. There are minor variations of the game throughout the country but the rules are relatively similar across the board.

These days and for competition purposes, it is treated as an individual sport.

The game involves running and jumping with one foot landing in the empty space between sticks. Should one’s foot touch a stick you are eliminated. Though the game can be played anywhere on an even surface for recreational purposes, it is for obvious reason played on grass turf when it comes to competitions. Players are allowed to wear spikes or jump barefoot according to their preference.

Athletes who participate in this game are able to run and get maximum lift from the grass to jump over the sticks


The game is overseen by 1 Umpire and 4 Technical Officals and females compete separately from males.

While players are allowed to hop between sticks, it must always be on one foot and they are not allowed to take a double step between the sticks.

Players are eliminated as they fail to clear the required distance and the winner is the person who successfully clears all distances as it is set.








Source: Department of Sport and Recreation